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National Archives

Well, I would not make a good blogger as its been a long time since my last.

Now looking for a new agent as David has retired.

Also during lockdown I have been doing voice work for The National Archives for their exhibition of Workhouse Voices.

To date I have recorded 31 items, and more to follow. Really enjoy it

Have written off 2020, so Things can only get better.

Funny Funny

Well the 2016 is almost upon us, time to reflect, as they say.

2015 lead me back to stand up. I entered the "Old Comedians" compertition and suprised everyone including myself by getting through to the semi's, out of more than 200 entrants. A few more gigs followed and I must now build on this.                                                                             

Also will try to get more acting work, which has taked a back seat to my directig + teaching. Same rule apply though, paid work only.

It would be nice to do something in Wales.

Lets see what I make of new year.

Football Focus

Had a great time in Birmingham, and learned quite a bit aboout football. It's amazing what we achieved in only 4 days.

Hopefully this will lead on to more work.

I have just joined Stage Directors UK, so maybe that will help.

What next? Who knows but I have a good feeling about 2015. Let's see.

Decisions Desisions

Well it's been a while. The holocost play fizzeled out, ( Equity are supposed to be fighting to get me some money at least!!)

Like most actors I have been pondering on the future, and indeed have the opportunity to join another agency, but my current agent has "Great Plans" for 2015,so should I go or should I stay?

In the meantime I have just finished a role for the National Archives "Magna Carter;- The Essential Tool" I was Baron Roger Bigod, where the word Bigot comes from, or so i was told.Good fun.

Anyway 2015 must be more fruitful ( nice word )

I will tell more later.

Like Buses

Life is odd. Nothing for ages then 3 jobs come along. All paid, in some form or other.

1st;- I've been cast in a new play about the holocaust, at this stage not sure if I'm playing a German or a Jewish character.

rehersals start in October. ( hope it's jewish, as my yiddish is a lot better than my german!!)

2nd;- I'm doing a shoot for the Kent Police & PPC about domestic abuse. This is happening early June.

3rd;- I have been asked to compere the local town brass band proms night. This is a big thing, apparently, in town. This happens on August 16th, for which I am getting a bottle of wine. At least its a sort of payment. ( must not drink it before I go on )

Will keep udates on all jobs.



8th blog It's a dog's life

Well, at least Henry the poodle has been working. He was the "STAR" of a local theatre company's xmas play, "A Bone To Pick With Santa" He got great reviews, & far too many doggie treats.

Always knew that it's a tough game, but when your dog works more than you........

Still the new year is just around the corner, & with it comes new opportunities, we hope.

It's been a while since I worked on stage, so I put myself up for some auditions, & I can't even get seen.., was it something I said?

I suppose I could don a red suit & no, please shoot me.

It's been a while, but I am back again.

The training dvd is now finished, although we had to shoot extra scenes, the dvd had it's "Premier" on 18th July @ the Rowcroft Hospice in South Devon.I did'nt realise how big a thing these training films were. There was about 80 people there, mostly medical professionals, who gave my performance nothing but praise [ money would have been better ].

The film is about 2 hours & can be a bit heavy with a lot of medical talking heads, but the central role stands out, even if I say so myself. "Caring for people with Dementia - YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE". It's a catchy title I know, but it's well worth a look if you can get it.

Dementia is a cruel disease, everyone knows your ill, except you.

Almost forgot, I haven't had much to say no, or yes too lately, who will employ me?

Let's see.

I recently attended the memorial service for Charles Vance, in Covent Garden. I admit it was much better than I expected, a "Full House" & some very touching stories about the man, [ but maybe thats just mist over the eyes!!].

I have been saying NO to a number of projects lately, mainly because they are not paid; try getting a plumber to work for free, but acting, hey anyone can do it!!

One was a rehearsed reading, another a student film, & in both cases I was cast without being seen, magic.

Interview coming up with producer to direct my first Radio Play, now that sounds exciting, but guess what, no pay only exs.Oh well.

At the memorial service, I was given a script to read [networking oh oh ] to be performed in Devon on profit share.I read the script, and NO again.

Will try to make next month a YES month.

Like so many of my brothers & sisters I am now at that time of drifting, that is doing something until something turns up.

I was offered a part [not cast, mind you ] with a local amdram company. It was paid work. They wanted to work with a professional actor & got hold of my name, they offered me the part before we had even met!!. They sent me the script which I did read several times, in the end, although the money would have been very useful, I turned it down, I mean amdram!

I am doing a indie film next week 1 days work in Cornwall. I play an irate shopkeeper. Trouble is it's on Bank holiday Monday, but hey can't say no all the time.

Th director of the dementia film is still editing, & the film will be ready in July, which seems quite a long time, I'm sure War & Peace did'nt take this long, still feedback so far has been positive. Will keep you informed.

So get ready to drive to Cornwal on Bank Holiday for a day's filming.

What a life.

Filming has now finished, & I can say it was a great experience & can't wait to see the finished version. I hope I gave them what they wanted. With any luck I will have it up on my Picture This page soon.

Care workers & nurses have had a bad press recently, all I can say, from meeting & working with some down in South Hams, is that they are fantastic & do a very difficult job, that I certainly could not do, & if I get ill then they can look after me.

Back to my reality now, a job hunting again, not easy for anyone, but our profession, almost impossible. Hey Ho, let you know what turns up.

Well the first week of filming is over; & I've enjoyed it especially working with the "customers" at the care home.

On the one hand, you have fantastic surroundings & the staff, both professional, doctors, nurses & the care staff are superb. On the other hand you realise why you & they are there, & that is depressing.I think, hope I've given them what they wanted, everyone is more than pleased.

So next week we are at South Hams Hospital.Let's see.

did say that I would only write about work, & eyebrows now come into that bracket.

In a week or so I will start filming a training DVD for the Devon NHS partenership.

Its to do with best practice for paid careres, & I play a dementia "Customer", that we used to call patients.

Now, working with the doctors, who wrote it, they wanted me to act up [or age]

One thing I notice about older people, is the hair in their ears & eyebrows, & I started growing mine in December, when I got the contract. My, My how quickly hair grows, where you don't really want it to grow [why can't it grow as fast on my head?].

My eyebrows are like privit headges, & my ears are now birds nests [nice]. I just could'nt bring myself to grow nose hair, so that's more of a brazilian!!

So hair & some discreet make up & bang I'm 70+

Learning my lines is easy, I,ve got dementia.

When it's finished I hope to put some scenes on my picture this page.


So, this is my web site. What is a web site? It's not a CV,full of facts & figures & most of the ones I read are pretty boring with far to much information.

What I've tried to do is give a flavour of who I am & what I'm about.

It's a snapshot of my career, which may or may not be of interest to you.

This is a blog page, aimed mostly at me, to see if I am disiplined enough to write somehing at least once a week on a topic related to work. This site is where the musings will stay, not for facebook or twitter, but just for us!!

So, come back soon.....


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